Bankruptcy Counseling

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Filing for Bankruptcy Protection

Whether through unexpected life changes or unwise choices, you may find yourself in a position where it’s necessary to seek bankruptcy protection. But before you do that, start here. Why? Because in 2005, Congress passed The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, which requires consumers to attend a Financial Services session before and after filing bankruptcy. We offer pre-filing and post-filing counseling so that you fully understand your options and their consequences.

Issues to Consider Before Filing:

Bankruptcy will affect your financial life for several years, so it’s really important to consider all of the implications before deciding to discharge your debts in this manner. For example:

  • Your credit rating could be affected for up to ten years.
  • Not all of your debts may be discharged in a bankruptcy.
  • You may pay more to obtain a loan or credit card.
  • Bankruptcy is a matter of public record and may affect your reputation in your community.

Bankruptcy is meant to be a last resort. You should try all other methods of repayment before filing for bankruptcy. If you’re considering bankruptcy as an option, Apprisen can help advise you both before and after filing.

Pre-Filing Counseling

You can conduct your pre-filing bankruptcy counseling session by phone or in person with a certified Apprisen Financial Counselor if you reside anywhere in the United States, except for AL or NC. The session takes about 60 to 90 minutes. If you are filing a joint bankruptcy, you and your spouse will both need to participate in the session, so be sure to make arrangements so that you can be on the call together.

During the Pre-Filing session, you will receive:

  • A budget and financial net worth analysis
  • A review of bankruptcy alternatives and consequences
  • An analysis of your current financial situation and the factors that caused it
  • A certificate of completion 
  • A plan to avoid financial problems in the future

What to Have on Hand For Appointment:

  • Income verification (recent pay stubs or bank statements)
  • A copy of any creditor statements
  • A list of current living expenses — items such as rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, cell phone bills, school loans, car loans, etc.
  • A government issued photo ID 
  • $50 fee (Money Order or Cashier's Check). This fee may be waived or reduced in limited hardship circumstances. 

Post-Filing Counseling

If you’ve already filed for bankruptcy, we offer a two-hour workshop on Money in Motion at one of our local offices. At the workshop, you’ll obtain information about getting and staying on track with your money. This easy-to-understand course is presented in a group format, and you’ll receive the Money in Motion book to take home with you to use as a resource in the future.

What to Bring to the Workshop:


Printed registration form including: Affidavit for Post-Bankruptcy Education, Privacy Notice and Statement of Counseling. Download the documents here.


Copy of driver’s license or state issued ID card


$50 registration fee (Money Order or Cashier’s Check). This fee may be waived or reduced in limited hardship circumstances.

In order to receive your certificate at the end of the workshop, you will need to provide your bankruptcy case number when scheduling the appointment. If you are unable to provide it prior to the date of the workshop, your certificate will be mailed to you.

Call 800.355.2227 to find out what locations and dates are available and schedule your appointment. Remember to have your bankruptcy case number available when you call.

Bankruptcy Education

Post-Bankruptcy Education (Group Workshop): $50 individual or joint. This is a two-hour workshop at one of our local offices.

Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling Session (Phone Session): $50 individual or joint. This is a counseling session by phone.

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