Loss of Income & The Impact It Has On Mental Health

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Envelope Budgeting For Couples

Couples often find managing a shared budget challenging.  But to meet your financial goals as a couple it is critical to stay on track.  Is your monthly…

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How to Kickstart Your Retirement Savings

Forty-five percent of Americans report they have no money put aside for retirement.  How much money will you need to retire?  It depends on many variables, but…

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The New Normal Family

What is normal?  Merriam-Webster defines normal as, “conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern.”  Then, what it the “new” normal term everyone is using?  The Pandemic…

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Using Your Tax Refund to Pay Off Debt

The average income tax refund issued so far in 2021 is $2,880 – down 7.8% from the 2020 average of $3,125.  That’s still no small amount!  What…

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